Bysaki seedlac


Bysaki Shellac/ Seedlac is granular and the most natural form of shellac, which is the base material for the manufacture of various types of shellac. This is our rawest form of shellac available as there is no other processing done other than harvesting the shellac from the trees, crushing, , sieving and washing several times to remove impurities. This is not heat treated and is in its basic form with up-to 5% of insoluble matter.

Bysaki Shellac/ Seedlac is dissolved easily in alcohol and is a powerful bonding material, resistance to UV rays, colourless, tasteless, non – toxic and non injurious to health.

Guaranteed Quality when you buy from us. Our Shellac is stored in temperature controlled and dust free cool-rooms to maintain freshness, quality and shelf life.O

We stock the Shines Shellac Hardener to make shellac finish heat, moisture and alcohol resistant.

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Uses: Traditional French Polish.

Colour: Dark (30-40 on the Gardner scale)

Shellac needs to be stored in a cool environment and out of sunlight. Once dissolved in 100% denatured alcohol(DAA), it needs to be used within 6 months for best results.

We currently ship in multiples of 250G and 1KG. Please contact us for bulk purchase of 25KG bags.

The recipes below are a guide which can be adjusted as per requirements.

French Polish

A 1-pound cut shellac is 453.6g of shellac dissolved in 3.79L of DAA.
A 2-pound cut shellac is 907.2g of shellac per 3.79L of DAA.

Knot Sealer & Stain Blocker

Dissolve around 500g of Shellac in 1L DAA.

Sanding Sealer

Dissolve around 100g of Shellac in 1L DAA.

Once dissolved, the solution need to be filtered through a paint strainer cone or similar filter to remove any debris.

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250 grams, 1 kg


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