Sanding Sealer (concetrate)


Our Shellac Sanding Sealers are manufactured with the finest grade dewaxed white shellac in 25% concentration and filtered at 25 microns. Shellac based sanding sealers are the best to seal wood and bring out the natural colour of the wood. There is no equivalent to this even though there are arguments about other types of sealers. Try this out. We will back this with a money back guarantee!

A lot of veteran wood finishers swear by this shellac sanding sealers as it brings out the natural colour of wood while not letting it to absorb the finish which leads to an uneven shine.

Shellac went out of fashion with the invention of polyurethane. Polyurethane is resistant to water, heat and alcohol which was not the case with shellac. However, polyurethane disintegrates when exposed to UV. Shellac is more UV resistant that polyurethane. The main reason the shellac bug secrets the resin is to protect its larve from UV!

Combined with our Hardener for Shellac, your finishes will be resistant to heat, alcohol and water if applied correctly which is better than a PU finish.

Unfortunately, since the invention of PU, there have been no serious efforts to research more on shellac. Shines endeavours to being back shellac as the most preferred wood finishes. Shellac is natural and sustainable.

Usage: Dilute with 100% DAA if needed as per the wood(hard/soft). The sealer is 25% Dewaxed White Shellac in DAA.

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